Magic Potion Game

This was a game I found on the internet that I modified to work for piano lessons. You can do it for an individual, but as it takes a bit of prep work, it is probably best in a group setting.


First, hang 6 rhythms on the wall. They need to be different colors, so I hung them on some balloon pictures I already had.



Potion PrepNext, fill 6 glasses with water, and 2 with vinegar. Place a spoon next to each cup. On the 6 spoons next to a glass of water, put a drop or two of food coloring to make the following colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple. On the 2 spoons next to the vinegar, put no food coloring. Heap baking soda on each spoon.


Now, have a student pick a spoon, and mix it in the glass beside it. If the water turns purple, they clap the purple rhythm, and so on for whatever color the water becomes.




Small Magic

If they mix one of the spoons with the vinegar, they have discovered the “Magic Potion.” They clap any rhythm, and the other students, or teacher if playing with one student, identifies which rhythm was clapped.



All Potions

Keep going until all of the “potions” are mixed.





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  1. […] up were review games/activities.  Games included Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes; Piano Pokey; Magic Potion Rhythm Game; Red Light, Green Light; Step, Skipping Along; Rhythm Dictation; and Whole Step, Half Step, […]

  2. Thanks so much!! All of your ideas are genius!

  3. Thanks so much!! All of your ideas are genius!

  4. I’ve created lots of free resources for sharing multicultural music with children.  Please stop by and check out my site.  Especially the contests and freebies at:
    All The Best,

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