Ice Cream Keyboard Matching Game

Ahh, more procrastination. My student teacher has some primer students who need a little more practice identifying notes on the keyboard. So, here is a yummy game to play to help learn those notes. Cut each ice cream scoop from the cone, and have students match them back up. There are 3 sets of ice cream cones, so each key gets to be on the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry scoop. These could also be easily mounted to a file folder, making a cute folder game.

Ice Cream Key NamesIce Cream Keyboard Matching Game





7 Responses

  1. Thanks for all the creative ideas on this site! I was trying to figure out what to do at group with my younger students and I think this will be perfect.

  2. Hi, These are cool looking ice cream cones, but what happened to the “B”. It doesn’t show up. Does the game only require 6 notes?

  3. Hi, Sally! Click on the file name next to the picture, and all the pages will come up. There are 3 complete sets of the ice cream cones.

  4. I can’t believe i have finally found a site that has sooooo much!!! It is fantastic! Thank you for sharing it. It’s great to be able to print off and make our own games etc.

  5. When I printed the 4 sheets, the chocoate dip on the bottom left and the middle “cone” next to the strawberry scoop which was 2nd on the bottom row (all full sheets) did not print correctly. There were small cones showing which overlapped either the cone or interferred with the chocolate scoop. Anyone else have this problem. It looks fine on my computer screen but it did not print correctly.

  6. Wow, what fantastic ideas and you’ve been sharing your creativity for a long time. Thank you thank you! I love the ice cream cones for keyboard identification. Have you ever created a set with note identification on the staff instead of the keyboard? I’m sure “older” students than primers would love the concept, too.

  7. […] matching cards sets and we’ll definitely be using these as well. Candy Corn Cards and Ice Cream Cards from Layton […]

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