Ladybug Folder Game

Ladybug Folder GameThis is just a simple little game you can mount to a folder for Primer level students. Students match note values, clef signs, and dynamic markings.

Ladybug Folder Game

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  1. lady bug folder

    What do they match to ?

  2. They match to the ladybug back pieces on page 3 of the file. Here are the directions that are in the file as well:

    “Glue ladybug pages to either side of a file folder. Cut out the ladybug term/number pieces. Laminate the folder and the pieces if desired. Put one side of sticky velcro circle on the file folder pictures, and the other side on the back of the number ladybugs. Xyron magnetic tape or tacky gum type stuff can also be used. Keep pieces in a plastic baggie stapled to the file folder when not in use.”

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hi D’net! As always, I love your creativity and willingness to share with those of us who are “graphically challenged”! This will be a nice addition to my studio and a “new” way to reinforce I these simple terms with my beginners. I printed them on card stock and “laminated” the pieces on either side with packing tape. Thanks again!

  4. I am a new Elementary school music teacher and I LOVE your resources. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to share. :0)

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