Simplified LDS Primary Songs

I Am a Child of GodEach year, children in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) learn songs for a presentation given to the congregation in the Fall. I have taken the songs for next year and arranged them for Primer/Level 1 students. You can find them at my Primary Page, as well as a few other Primary songs arranged for beginning students.

CLICK HERE for an updated post about the simplified primary songs.

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  1. I am so grateful for the simplified Primary songs. :> Thank you so much for making these available.

  2. Kristin, I’m glad that you are enjoying them. There will be more to come soon!


  3. These are wonderful. My daughter is learning to play the piano and is wanting to play primary songs so bad, but the ones in the book can be so difficult. Thank you so much for these!!!

  4. You’re very welcome! I’m glad your daughter enjoys them.

  5. I love these!!!! I just moved into a ward that is very small and we have one pianist in the ward. My son and I had begun to learn to play before we moved so these are perfect for those days we need to “step in” and play. Also we are trying to get the other kids who are learning to play the opportunity to play church songs.
    When you get a chance we would love to have some special occasion songs for like Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, etc.

  6. Well, I did up Daddy’s Homecoming for you, and will do some other “special occasion” songs as time permits. Glad to hear that you are enjoying them!

  7. Thank you so much for the wonderful primary songs. I am on a mission in Malaysia and teaching 3 8 year olds. They are really too young to start playing hymns in Sacrament meeting, but are starting to play these songs for primary. There is no one to play the piano in primary here. This Sunday one of the children is playing “Called to Serve” while the other 2 are singing. The local Iban people here will be thrilled to hear their children perform. What a blessing this is for the people in Malaysia. Sister Hintze

  8. Sis. Hintze,

    You have just made my day! I am so very glad that this simple thing for me to do is such a help to those you serve. How I wish I could hear those precious children sing on Sunday! Tell the children that if they have a favorite Primary song or hymn I would be happy to do it up for them. Thank you for teaching these children, and serving the Lord in such a wonderful way.

    Have a Great Day!

  9. I love this site!!

  10. HI D’Net,
    Do you have a simplified version of “I am a Builder” the primary music song for March? I LOVE that song and wondered if you had it?

  11. Hi, Lisa! I just posted it. Sorry it took so long – things have been rather hectic lately.


  12. awsome- thanks so much!

  13. D’Net,
    I see the pictures for “I am a builder” but not the music. Do you have that music in simplified form?

  14. ypu need to get some primary songs because thay are just so fun to sing 🙂

  15. you need to get some primary songs because thay are just so fun to sing 🙂

  16. I am so excited for my six-year-old son to play some of these songs! Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  17. Thank you so much! My kids have wanted to learn some Primary songs so they can play the prelude music in primary. I was so happy to find these for them!

  18. Is there any way you can restore the link to your Christmas songs? I keep getting an error message. Thank you!

  19. This is wonderful. Thanks you so much for sharing! I am very excited to use these with my children!

  20. I want you to know what a blessing it is to find this music. I did not grow up knowing primary music and since my conversion to the church I have tried hard to teach myself how to play the piano. I am ok one handed but could never get the second one to work. This made it better and easier for me and my three boys are now learning from me.

  21. wow! this is very helpful to my sons thanks!

  22. Thank you for the pre-reading simplified primary songs. My son is learning to play and he is very exited to learn a couple primary songs. Thank you!!!

  23. Wow I just found your page thank you my kids are very excited by any chance do you have the songs for these year?theprimary songs thank you very much we really appreciate it!

  24. This has been my go-to resource for my kids and they are ready for new songs but I have not been able to get the page to load for several weeks. Is the page down or should I keep trying?

  25. THank you so much my daughter is so excited!

  26. You are a star! Just what I needed to prepare and help kids for Primary Sacrament Presentation!

  27. Hi! I discovered your simplified primary children’s song a few months ago and it has been wonderful resource. I went to print some more out for my daughter and your website doesn’t pull up. Is it temporarily down? Is there a way I can access your songs? I sure hope so!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us! 🙂

  28. Ditto to what Laurel said. I tried to pull up your page of simplified primary songs and it doesn’t work. I love them and hope they are still available!

    • Yes, I’m having problems finding the simplified primary songs as well. Are they still available??

      • Amy, I have 16 of the simplified songs printed out. I’m willing to scan them and send them to you. Would you be willing to share what you have? Laurel

    • Kelli, I have 16 of the simplified songs printed out. I’m willing to scan them and send them to you. Would you be willing to share what you have? Laurel

  29. I also discovered your music a couple of months ago and we are now ready for our next song but the website won’t pull up. We LOVE them and my daughters have blossomed on the piano because of them! Songs they know and can play! Please bring them back! PLEASE!

    • Jodi, I have 16 of the simplified songs printed out. I’m willing to scan them and send them to you. Would you be willing to share what you have? Laurel

      • Awesome idea! I only have 2 since we were just starting but totally willing to share them!! Email me: jmneeley at Juno dot com

      • Jodi life hasn’t been so busy and I forgot about this, I’m so sorry! My computer is broken right now so I’m going to copy them and mail them to you. Please email me your mailing address.

      • Laurel, I don’t have 16 but I have quite a few. I’d be willing to share too!

      • Nicole I’m making copies of what I have and sending them by mail, since I don’t have a functioning computer right now. Will you email me your mailing address?

      • Laurel – if you are still willing to share, I’d love the songs that you have. I have a few, and my daughter is dying for more. My email is meldrum.emily @ Thanks!

      • Yes, of course! I do not have a functioning computer right now so can’t scan them. But I am happy to make copies and mail them. Please send me your mailing address. My email is

      • Hey is there any way I could get a copy of the ones you’ve scanned in? I’m so sad I can’t access them anymore!

  30. Yes! As with others who are posting here, I am a music teacher that has been using your resource for these simplified and primer piano pages for years. It has been a great resource for my students and I, and has been a blessing as it saves me so much time as a teacher to not have to type them out myself. I am so sad to see this link not working anymore! Please bring it back!! Thank you for sharing so freely with all of us!

  31. I miss your simplified primary songs. My students loved them, even played them in primary. Please, please continue to make them available!

    • I’m so sorry about the broken site. I am working on recovering files, and will post them here on the blog when I am done. Hopefully by early next week. I don’t want to wait until the primary page is working again before making them available. Eventually life will calm down a bit and I can things running again – I hope, anyway!

      • Any idea how I can access the fixed link? Please throw me an email so I can sort this out….

  32. I look forward seeing your simplified songs!

  33. Good to hear that its just a link that was broken. I teach in small town southern Alberta Canada with quite a few LDS Students. I’ve used the Simp Primary songs a LOT! and miss the the site. Please email me when it is up and running again!

    • I would love them also when you are up and running. Thank you for all your hard work. It truly is a blessing in foreign countries like the one I live in. The kids are loving learning how to play the piano, which here costs a fortune. Most are unable to afford it. I teach them after primary is finished and they work on them and play them for me the next week for prelude. It is marvelous! THANKS,THANKS, DANKE!

  34. […] is D’Net Layton’s site here.  She has made the songs very simple, included colour pictures from the Primary Songbook and has […]

  35. Every time I click on ANY link I am told that the link is no longer available! Help! M. Tamtom Taber AB Canada >

  36. I’ve tried clicking your link for the simplified primary music but it keeps bringing up an error. How can I get the music?

  37. Hello, I am trying to bring up your simplified primary music but it keeps coming up as an error. Please send me a link so I can receive this music. Thankyou

    • Im having this issue as well. There isn’t anywhere on the pages where I can access ANY of the simplified or Primary program music. HELP!!


  38. I also can not get to the music!!! Please Help 🙂

    • Im still awaiting a response too Kimi. Been waiting and trying different approaches for a few months! I am a music teacher in a large LDS community and would love to access the Simplified Primary Songs and cannot….


  39. Hi D’Net. Miss seeing you at DVMTA events, although you may have been there and I just missed you. Ditto to some of the comments above. I’ve used your simplified primary songs for years and appreciate you sharing them but I also ran into trouble with a broken site when trying to pull them up recently. Hope it gets fixed soon and that all is well with you 🙂

  40. Hi D’Net. I sent a private message to you but haven’t heard back. I am curious about your website and not being able to access the files any more. Is there another web address or link I need to gain access?

  41. Today was my first visit to your site. WOW!! You are amazing! Thanks so much for so many fun resources!!

  42. I’m having trouble opening up the web page for the primary songs- do you have another url for it? Thanks!

  43. Hi, I’m unable to open the primary songs. Do you have another link?

  44. The primary page isn’t working anymore. Any tips?

  45. I LOVE your primary songs page for my kids! But, now the link isn’t working 😦 I will gladly pay for them. How can I get them??? Can you e-mail me?

  46. Like many others, I’ve used your page in the past but I never went through and downloaded EVERY song, my daughter was asking for a new one to practice and when I go to the think it says the domain name has expired. Do you plan on fixing this soon? I know I could make my own arrangements fairly easily, but I’d rather not reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to!

  47. I have loved this page but am sad to see it is down. My daughter has really loved the primary songs and so have I! I see there is a place to donate on the left side. Is that how we need to renew the site? Let me know what I can do to get a copy of these songs. Thanks so much!

  48. So sad to see this page gone. I have used it with many young musicians and they love it. I pray it is back soon!

  49. I’m also interested in these simplified primary songs for my daughter. Do you have any of them in a form you could email or I’d gladly pay for them. Thanks so much!

  50. Hello, I noticed the link to your music doesn’t work anymore. Are you going to have a new website? Or post the music on your blog? Your arrangements are wonderful for beginners and have been a blessing to our home.

  51. Disappointed that the link to your music isn’t working. I’ve used it before, and it is wonderful for my beginning piano students to get them excited by playing music they recognize. I have a student that wants I am a child of God. I thought I had a copy, but I don’t. Could you email it to me? I would need to get her something for next week. If not, let me know and I’ll write up something myself.
    Thanks for your help!

  52. One more plea for copies of your music. I had saved I Am A Child of God and my piano student was so excited to get to play a song in primary, but now I have no more simplified music for him. I would gladly pay you for your simplified primary songs.

  53. Until I get my website back up again, I have posted the simplified song files here on my blog. Follow this link in the post above to find them. Thank you for your patience.

  54. Thank you this is so helpful.

  55. I would like to order the primary song books for my students.Please send info.

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