Go Fish for Major Tonic Triads

I am working with many of my students teaching them the pentascales and tonic triads. I thought a Go Fish game would be a perfect reinforcement to what we are doing at the piano. Students practice identifying triads and matching them to their respective names. Print the tonic triad cards out on one piece of card stock, and the names on another sheet. Click on this link for the rules for Go Fish.

You can also use these cards for games such as Memory or other matching games. Or, print the triads and names front to back for traditional flashcards.

Major Tonic Triads Major Tonic Triads


5 Responses

  1. Hi D’Net,

    I love all your great ideas and thanks SOOO much for the simplified Primary songs. I think there’s a typo in your pentascale “go fish” cards – I just printed a set off to use today with some of my students, and at the top LH corner of pg. 3 I do believe you have an e-flat minor chord instead of major (3 flats instead of two) . However, I may be losing my mind!!

    Thanks for all your hard work,
    Lisa Barber

  2. Finally fixed it! Thanks, Lisa

  3. can i know what is the real meaning of triad

    • three pitches, like three wheels on a tricycle,
      There’s also a dyad, two pitches.
      triads could theoretically be any three notes, but there are some that are typically used, like major, minor, diminished, augmented. these specific types are called quality of chord in tests.

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    Need to keep track of all these great resources. Reblogging the post will help me (and you) find it fast!

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