Oops! Cards to Avoid Late Payments

There has been a wonderful discussion at the Faber’s Piano Teacher’s Forum about helping parents remember to pay at the beginning of the month. One of the teachers made up some Oops! cards. If a student doesn’t give her a tuition check, she will send them out to their parent after the lesson with a card in hand.  She uses a “friendly” font, and prints the cards on bright green paper. I loved this idea, and made up some Oops! cards of my own.  They will open in an MS Word document, so you can change them to fit your needs.






7 Responses

  1. This idea is pure genius. I have ended up giving “free” lessons because I am too timid to say anything when parents forget to pay. I’m going to start using this immediately! Thank you for this post!

  2. Great idea. I am just wondering how big the cards should be? business size? 81/2 by 11? half of that?

  3. I love the idea. Small business card size would be easy to have on hand. You could even email it!

    It could also be edited for NSF cheques. Thank you!

  4. The cards I made are 4 to a sheet, but I agree that any size you’d like to use would work fine. 🙂

  5. What a good idea. I’m not sure about business card sizes, though, as I know my son would lost it or forget about it.

    After being frustrated by continual late payments, my son’s piano teacher made a policy change. She teaches 10 months out of the year, but now divides the monthly payments up over 12 months. This makes the payments slightly lower, which most parents appreciate. However, in exchange for this, she asks for 12 post-dated cheques on registration day, and informs all the parents in writing that there is a $25 bounced cheque charge. That way, no one ever has to discuss money again, unless someone bounced a cheque, which she said was very rare. As a parent, I liked not having to worry about paying her each month and was glad to have it taken care of in the very beginning.

  6. I’m going to try these out, too! I’ve changed it to read “avoid the loss of a make-up lesson” since I have found collecting a late fee awkward….just how does one collect the late fee when it comes to people who can’t even get their regular tuition payment in on time? (and it always seems to be the same “chronic” ones). So, they get 2 make-ups a semester, and if they don’t get me their tuition by the deadline, they lose a make-up lesson. I think they’ll get the picture, by and by!

    Oooh, and I like the idea of being able to email them!

  7. I too hate phoning parents or emailing for money. So I have come up with a “diplimatically” worded email:
    Dear parents, I am unable to find your payment on my bank statement (all my parents pay directly into my account – non negotiable), please could you forward me the date of your payment, so that I can update my records.

    Works like a charm – I usually get the following response: Dear Terence, I am really sorry, I totally forgot. Will make the payment immediately.

    The best is just communication. I might have a 1-2 percent bad payment per year

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