Music Certificates

I had my recital a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to hand out certificates to my students. Unfortunately, the ones I wanted were back-ordered, and would not get to me before the recital date. So, with some help from my trusty computer, I made these up. I printed them on Staples matte finish double-sided photo paper to avoid the logo on the back of the regular photo paper. The end product looked very polished and professional, though I’m sure normal card stock would work well, too.

The first certificate is a full sheet. The second is a half sheet.

Here are some other certificates I have made in past years. The first one looks good printed on colored card stock. They all print 2 to a page.


5 Responses

  1. These are great. I love the colors of the borders. Thanks!

  2. These are great D’Net! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Do you give everyone a certificate for completing the year of lessons? Or do you give out “special” awards
    to each student?

    • I usually give out a participation certificate at the recital, and perhaps some for other events they have done during the year. It just depends on the year, I suppose, and what craziness life brings me.

  4. Thank you for making these certificates available! I have started a “Super Song” program with my students. This refers to songs the students choose to learn outside of their lesson books. Once they complete said Super Song, I want to present them with certificate. Yours will work perfectly! Thank you sooo much!

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