Christmas Songs

If you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to Susan’s Piano Teacher Resources site.  She is posting some wonderful Christmas songs for pre-readers and primer level students.  I already have these printed to use with my students this week.

I have also done up a few Christmas songs, hopefully with a few more to come in the following weeks.  Here’s what I have for now, though!

oh-come-all-ye-faithfulOh, Come All Ye Faithful

Away in a Manger

Joy to the World

Christmas Bells and Have a Very Merry Christmas

Stars Were Gleaming

Landmark Lines Note Flashcards

I have a couple of students that are struggling a bit with quickly naming the notes.  To help them, I combined some ideas of Kevin Coan, Rebecca, and Cecilly from the Yahoo Piano Teacher’s list, and came up with these flashcards.  Each note’s nearest landmark line or space is highlighted so the student can quickly (I hope!) identify the name and play the note on the piano.  Once they can do that quickly, I will wean them to regular flashcards. 

These flashcards range from the F just below the bass staff to the G above the treble staff.  If there is interest, I will extend them to the notes above and below high and low C.  For now, though, I think these will work great for my students. 

Don’t worry if the lines of the staff don’t look quite straight on the computer screen.  They print out just fine, I promise!

Landmark Lines Note FlashcardsLandmark Lines Note Name Flashcards