Landmark Lines Note Flashcards

I have a couple of students that are struggling a bit with quickly naming the notes.  To help them, I combined some ideas of Kevin Coan, Rebecca, and Cecilly from the Yahoo Piano Teacher’s list, and came up with these flashcards.  Each note’s nearest landmark line or space is highlighted so the student can quickly (I hope!) identify the name and play the note on the piano.  Once they can do that quickly, I will wean them to regular flashcards. 

These flashcards range from the F just below the bass staff to the G above the treble staff.  If there is interest, I will extend them to the notes above and below high and low C.  For now, though, I think these will work great for my students. 

Don’t worry if the lines of the staff don’t look quite straight on the computer screen.  They print out just fine, I promise!

Landmark Lines Note FlashcardsLandmark Lines Note Name Flashcards

8 Responses

  1. These are great! I would love for you to do some for the Treble Clef as well! Thanks for all you do!

  2. There are flashcards made up for the treble clef – just click on the file name or the picture to see the whole set. I just took a picture of the first page, which happens to be all bass clef.

  3. Have you seen Jon Schmidt’s method of teaching? It’s all relative to the anchor notes and just learning the skip ups and downs from them, very similar to this, but in this case the students are actually naming the notes whereas the students in Schmidt method are just learning the notes intervalically. Great job! Thanks.

  4. This is a great idea, D’Net, especially for those with some spacial problems who have trouble seeing across the lines.
    -Susan Paradis

  5. These new landmark cards are great – I also have some from a while back, that I believe I found on this website, the start with a landmark note and then give another note that is either a step, skip or repeat from the guide note. I have found these very helpful also – I tried to find them again, but haven’t been able to locate – is it possible to post them again?

    Thanks much – your website is SO helpful!


  6. The landmark step and skip cards are still here – just go to

    I made these becuse I needed something a bit less “fussy.” We’ll see how they work!

  7. Thanks for that post! I’ll have to tell my students.

  8. Like it! Do you think it would be a good idea to have some that are on the grand staff which is what we are used to seeing when we read piano music?

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