Sandpaper Flashcards

Wow, it has been awhile since I have posted! I have been busily working away at many things, but most of them have not been piano related.¬† ūüôā


Anyway, here is something I have been wanting to¬†post for awhile. This is an idea from A Galaxy of Games for the Music Classroom.¬† These are just¬†plain old¬†flashcards¬†with basic symbols, right? Well, not exactly. I laminated the red cards, cut the symbols out of fine-grit sandpaper, and glued them to the cards. The treble clef could have been tricky to cut, but since the sandpaper is rough anyway, I just cut right through the straight line part of the clef to cut the curves. When glued to the card, you can’t even tell!

After a beginning student has learned the various symbols, I tell them we are going to have a test, and they have to name all of the symbols. They usually ace right through that, so I tell them that I need to make it really hard. They have to identify the symbol with their eyes closed. I love their reaction to that! They close their eyes and identify what is on each card simply by touch. What a fun way to reinforce learning!

Here is the pattern I used to cut the shapes out of sandpaper.