Pre-Reading LDS Primary Songs

Have you seen all of Susan’s wonderful pre-reading songs?  I have used these with so many students, and they have all been well-loved.  Following in her example, I have done up some LDS children’s Primary songs into a pre-reading format.  I have versions with finger numbers and letter names.  So far I only done 8 songs, but hopefully that number will continue to grow. 

I have new respect for Susan.  They are sure time consuming, especially when you add all of the wonderful graphics and color that she does.

Jesus Said Love Everyone

LDS Primary Songs – Pre-reading format

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  1. Very cool D’Net!

  2. Thank you for posting these songs. I tried “Once there was a Snowman” with my son and had him build a snowman with big marshmallows for each line he could play correctly. He earned some chocolate chips for the last line to make a face and then had a nice treat to eat when he was done. He loved playing a song that he gets to sing in primary. I think I’ll use it with my more experienced students to have them transpose it to various 5 finger scales.

  3. What a great idea, Heidi! I am going to do that with my students.

  4. I am knew to your sight, but love all your piano ideas. I can’t seem to get the primary songs to come up though. I would love to try some of them with my students.

  5. D-Net, Thanks for these. I was printing some out for my granddaughter today and ran into a couple of complications. Book of Mormon Stories, I Am a Child of God — only print out the letters and not the notes. Also, Once There Was a Snowman — I tried to print as letters — and it only printed as numbers. I didn’t print everything so I’m not sure about them all. But A Happy Family seemed to print out OK with the letters. Just an FYI!!!

  6. I found your website and knew you had to be LDS. I appreciate your passion for music-I share it too. I love that you have made these songs for students. I have made my own but I don’t have cute graphics and that always helps! You are amazing and thanks for sharing!

  7. I haven’t been able to access these and your home page isn’t working. I love them and depend on them with my students. Hope you can get them working quickly. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Did you take the Primary song website down? I loved using these with my students, but now it says page not found. Is there any way to get these songs again?

  9. Yay! These are back- thanks so much!

  10. I sure hope the link is back up soon, too! They are so good for beginning students!

  11. I have really enjoyed your site! Any chance you will put the primary songs back up?

  12. I have loved using these songs with my students! I would love it if you put the songs back up!

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  14. I love the simplified Primary songs on your site. They were there last weekend but not anymore! Please bring them back!

  15. Your simplified Primary songs have been such a hit with my students. I have a printed copy of most of them, but today I was hoping to add some pre-reader songs to my collection! I would love to see them back. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  16. Hi there! I’ve successfully used your simplified Primary sheet music with my students–young AND old. (I still have some of your simplified song files on my drive, if you would ever like me to mirror them on my site or send them to you.)

    I wanted to let you know that I recently added a couple of simplified LDS Primary songs along with a handful of simplified Hymns (yes! from the green book!) at my site:
    I’ll be adding some more in the future.
    I had an adult student who really wanted to play the hymns but there was nothing out there simplified enough for her, which is why I made these.
    Please feel free to pass the word along!

  17. As I am a senior citizen, teaching young children, I am now having to teach via facetime for the time being because of the virus. I have searched high and low for primary pre-reading songs but cannot find any on your site. I was hoping to use them for these young children to play in their home each Sunday for the family sacrament mtgs. Can you help me out? Thank you!

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