Keyboard Three-in-a Row Game

So, you’ve met The Rock, my darling bespeceled boy on the right.  Next to him is his equally darling brother, who I will call Dash.  Why Dash, you ask?  Well, this child never sits still.  Ever.  Bless his poor school teacher’s heart.  Dash is always on the move – running, jumping, flipping, bouncing,… well, you get the idea.  He is something else in his gymnastics class –  he is just amazing to watch.

Dash loves music.  I  keep his lessons short but frequent.  One of the luxuries of teaching your own child, I suppose.  I assign him 2 pieces at a time.  When he has these down, I teach him another two.  He is bright, and catches on quick.

IMG_1350As a reward for keeping focused, Dash got to play a game with his brother.  The object of the game is to get 3 markers of your color in a row.  I got this game from The Big Book of Music Games, but you could easily adapt it with a keyboard chart and an alphabet spinner of some sort.  The boys took turns spinning the spinner, and putting a marker on the keyboard note.  Luckily, the game ended in a tie, so both Dash and The Rock walked away happy.

4 Responses

  1. i would like to get emails everyday from you site.

  2. wow…fun site!

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation. I love how you use your children as student pictures on your site!

  4. Very nice excise game, thanks!

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