Orange Julius Musical Recipe

This is an activity that I have done quite a few times with general music classes.  It would also be fun for a group piano lesson.  Students name notes to decode the Orange Julius Recipe.  After they have it figured out, we simply dump the ingredients into a blender, mix ’em up, and enjoy.  I sometimes review various tempi when turning the blender from lower to higher speeds.  Students love this activity, and I have to admit, I do, too!

Orange Julius

10 Responses

  1. What a fun idea!

  2. Yeah, I don’t know that it’s horribly educational, especially since most kids can figure out the missing letters without the notes. It is fun, though, and it sure tastes good!

  3. You have a very nice blog here; your posts are very interesting and useful to most music educators. The “Orange Julius Musical Recipe” surely tastes so good. Piano teachers like me can use this activity in the classroom as this would really motivate my students – making them learn more, participate and enjoy the class. I have to try this out in my private piano studio, and know, see and evaluate my students’ feedback. Please keep on sharing more creative and innovative piano teaching resources Thanks again and more power. Happy holidays!

  4. Thank you so much! I have been so afraid to teach my 6 year old piano (even though he wants to) because, like a lot of other moms, I’m afraid he just won’t take it seriously with me. But he would have a BLAST with these fun games. Thank you for posting these!

  5. Hi! I enjoy this unique blog so I nominated it for an award: Congrats!

  6. Wow, another one cool.

    As DNat states, probably not so much educational, but for greek students I think it’s a great opportunity to exercise music and english!

  7. Thank you for sharing this – I’d pass the good news on not just to music teachers out there but also to music school administrators like me. You certainly make your music classes a lot of fun; after all, learning shall never be boring. Otherwise, no learning will ever take place – students will never learn and understand their lessons. Keep up the good work and continue to share your bright thoughts and ideas, which I think are all useful to many music teachers, school administrators and even studio managers out there. Please also share more relevant studio management tips and resources – giving us more rooms for effectiveness and efficiency. Thanks again and see you around. Cheers!

  8. What a great way to get students to learn music concepts while playing a game, then allow them to enjoy their juice afterwards! Glad to find your blog and your music education resources. Keep it up!

  9. This is so awesome!

  10. Mmmm… What an awesome way to keep kids motivated!

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