Key Identification Game

Wow, I am a slacker!  All this teaching at school and working through some issues with my children has taken a huge toll on my creativity and blog time.  I took these pictures back in October, and decided it was high time to get them uploaded.

My son, The Rock, was working on identifying key names at the time.  Now, this child’s favorite toys are cowboy and indian plastic figures.  He will play for hours with those little plastic men, so I devised a way cool (in his mind) game for piano.

First, we started off with our men.  The Rock decided to be the green army man, and placed his guy at the top of the top of the keyboard.  I was assigned the blue cowboy, and my guy started out at the bottom of the keyboard. 

Then, The Rock drew a card, and moved his man to the appropirate key.  I did the same, and we kept going along like that.  Our goal was to get our little man to the opposite end of the keyboard first.

My son, of course, won.  Funny how I never seem to win a game.  You’d think I stacked the deck, or “accidentally” let him have two turns in a row every now and again.  Oh, well. 😉

You can make cards with the letter names easily enough, or you can use my Musical Alphabet Cards.  You will want to pring up several sets of the cards for this game – I’d suggest at least 5.  This game can be modified to include sharps and flats, tones of a particular scale, or whatever you can come up with.  Have fun.  My son and I sure did.