Student Compositions

Little BrothersEvery year, our local MTA has a Composition Festival. Students write, record, and turn in a piece for evaluation, then play their original works at a recital. In my studio, we use Finale’s Notepad, a free notation program students can download, or PrintMusic at the studio for the final printout of the composition.

Then, we take things a step further. Using a picture that the student drew, or an image we found on the internet, we design a cover for the composition. I print the cover and the music on cardstock or HP Brochure paper, and tape the pages together using scotch tape. The students are then presented with a beautiful piece of sheet music. Kinkos or your local copy store can also print the music on paper that is similar to what music publishers use.

I love the look in my students’ eyes when they see their composition “published” for all to see!