Musical Yahtzee

Just like the real game, only using musical dice. You will need to buy 5 small wooden cubes from a craft store. Using a Sharpie marker, draw an eighth, quarter, dotted quarter, half, dotted half, and whole note – one note per side on each of the 5 dice. Play just like regular Yahtzee, only using note values instead of numbers.

For younger students, I often just use the top portion of the game.


Musical Yahtzee





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  1. Hi D’Net,
    Love your website and have used many of your ideas. Bi thanks.. The musical Yahtzee game… do you add the notes? just using the number 1 for each note,(eighth-whole, each one gets a point) or do you add fractions,(1/8, etc) or do you accumulate into quarter notes? Thanks!

  2. Played this with students at a group lesson tonight. It was a BIG HIT! Thank you!

  3. These games are AMAZING! Can’t wait to try them in group piano as well as classroom music. How old do you find students need to be to manage the math for music Yahtzee?

    • With the younger students, I just play the top half. After they are good at that, I will introduce the bottom half a couple at a time. Usually the 5th on up can do it all to begin.


  4. love the yatzee idea. I have done musical verisons of other games. I guess I should be putting the ideas out there for others. Next project idea. thanks

  5. Here’s a neat little adaptation on that same game. To help them learn to count rhythms better instead of doing pure Yahtzee use the same dice and have them roll to complete a measure that adds up to 4 beats in 4/4 time, or even 6 in 6/8. Maybe use the normal Yahtzee score card but change the straight or flush to be a rhythm addition problem instead.

  6. Thank you, thank you for sharing this information. I am loving the ideas.

  7. […] I made the die with a different note (quarter, half, dotted-half, whole note and eighth note) on each side. Musical Yahtzee Sheets are from here: […]

  8. Fantastic idea. Using it to finish group theory classes on a happy note!

  9. I was staring at my Yahtzee game at home and I started to wonder if I could do something musical with it. I’m thank you have thought it through and put it together so clearly.

    Thank you.

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