Rhythm Cards in 3 Quarter Time

I have had a couple of requests now to do some rhythm cards in 3 quarter time.  I don’t really feel like folding my laundry, so I thought this was a great time to do them. 🙂  Most of the cards only use quarter, half, and dotted half notes, but I threw in a few with 8th notes as well. 

These will work great for one of Cecilly’s new games.  She gives her students several cards with both 3 and 4 beats to a measure.  (Click here for the 4-beat rhythm cards.)  The students seperate them and make a line of music in each time signature.  They can them clap the lines they have created.  It’s a great way to introduce time signatures!

Rhythm Cards in 3/4 Time

If you just want to print out what you need for Cecilly’s Game, then this may be the file for you.

Cecilly’s Rhythm TIme Match-Up Race

9 Responses

  1. wow cool blog – adding it to my favorites thx

  2. I love what we lucky readers get each time you don’t feel like doing housework! Thanks for sharing!

  3. D’Net, your rhythm cards have really inspired my children’s music teacher and I to create some fun rhythm cards based on their Suzuki Twinkle rhythms. The rhythms for your cards always line up so beautifully; how does StaffWriter work for triplets and sixteenth notes? I haven’t found anything that works quite right. Thank you again for your beautiful work, J.

    • StaffWriter does simple triplets, and with the use of text boxes, can even manage more complicated ones.

      On the Tech Tips page of their website there’s a PDF instruction sheet that tells you how to do it and shows examples of several types of triplets. (The website link for MacMusic Fonts is the 5th link down on the right hand side of this page.) 🙂

      • Thanks, 88keys. I was hoping to avoid text boxes to get everything to line up, but you’re right, that’s what I’ve had to do. Thanks, J.

  4. This is great! Just what I was looking for.
    I use your flash cards in my class all the time!
    Thanks a million!

  5. I am not able to print the file for the rhythm cards in 3 quarter time.
    I click on the link and it just brings me to the page again?

    Great resources by the way

  6. When I printed the 3/4 time cards, the notes printed as letters and symbols. Is there a font I need to download so this will print the way it should?

  7. […] cartes de rythme ici et ici puis ici […]

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